The fine folks over at Gallery 1988 asked me to partake in a tribute to SNL for their 3rd Is This Thing On Show. I almost passed on this on but then I thought of the one skit that gets me every time – The Chippendales. It's impossible to watch this skit and not laugh. 

These are printed on canvas and are stretched ready to hang and sell as a set:
Barney Measures 16" x 16"
Adrian 16" 8"
Ultra Exclusive set of only 4 - Signed and Numbered

Gallery 1988

Patrick Swayze & Chris Farley : Chippendales by tartenpion333


Horror Hound 2013

Had a chance to catch up with a couple of friends at this years HorrorHound Con in Cincy last weekend. Jason Edmiston and Gary Pullin are two incredibly talented and cool dudes. Check out their work it will blow you away. It was great chatting it up with these two all day Sunday.



Squeezed in another quick one. Hands down my FAVORITE Hanna-Barbera character. 



Hanna-Barbera for PLANET-PULP

Not a lot of time this month to contribute to PLANET-PULP 

Wanted to do something fondly remembered from childhood – Kwicky Koala. Not really sure why I loved this little guy so much but I did. Here's a little sketch to celebrate this months theme: Hanna-Barbera.

Theres a LOT of amazing H-B art being posted this month, GO CHECK IT OUT!!!


Off to LTD Gallery - Mint Condition!

Hulk will be smashing his way to Seattle this Friday.
Here is a little collection of everything that will be available at the show.

Original Painting $600

20 S/N Limited Edition Ultra Synthetic Art Prints $30
11" x 14" with 1" border for mounting built in. 

5 S/N Ultra Limited Edition Wrapped Canvas Prints $70
11" x 14"


HULK Everyone has a secret

Ltd. Art Gallery in partnership with Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con proudly present: 
"MINT Condition" their 2nd annual comic book inspired gallery show.
HULK - Everyone has a secret will be available in its original black and white gouache form along with a select few ultra limited edition color prints.

Opening Reception
Friday March 1st 2013
7pm - 10pm
On display thru March 31st

Ltd. Art Gallery
307 E. Pike St.
Seattle, WA 98122


Coloring a monster


Layering in final layer of shadows


More madness


The madness begins


On the board tonight

Im Hulking out tonight. Bring on the gouache!


Weidel SMASH

Here is a little something for you pencils for a little piece I'll be contributing to a comic book theme at Ltd Gallery in about a month or so. Not sure if I'll have any prints made of this. If I do it may be really small-like 20 or so. But the original will be for sale. More later! C-Ya


A Dark Hall Valentines

I was quite thrilled to see in my inbox an invitation to join forces with Dark Hall Mansion. They've release some of the hottest limited edition silkscreened licensed posters out there. And when they asked me to take a stab at Peanuts I knew there was no saying no. I grew up on Peanuts, how could I not?!

The parameters from Dark Hall were simple. Follow the format that has been done for them before with a big hero image along with a small secondary image that captires that moment in time from the episode, other than that just do your thing. It was important to be respectful of the current Dark Hall Peanuts Collector and create something that felt like and or was complimentary to some of the other pieces they may already have hanging on their walls. Many concepts were turned in that would of taken this print into another direction (and that was where our nice little variant came from), but it was important to stay within the formula (big hero image, smaller group story image) that has been structurally working for Dark Hall (à la Whalen & DePippo). Sounds easy enough but it's still quite the challenge. When you have a very limited palette to work with, characters that need to read instantly on model for licensing and then make it all work in your own style within a beautiful becomes quite the labor of love.

Avialable next week at Dark Hall Mansion


I ♥ Moo


A few months ago a custom business card company called Moo reached out to me and introduced themselves. I was quite flattered from their generosity, so I had a look at their website and spent a RIDICULOUS amount of time looking at all the options and pondering all the possibilities. Several things captured my attention but what I loved the most were these new cards they offer named Luxe cards. Luxe cards are special because of their extraordinarily thick nature and unique complimentary color stripe sandwiched in the middle. It's the perfect card for making a statement. --- I passed.

As much as I loved the Luxe card, I decided to go with the smaller mini card. Mostly because of the small nature of the card. I attend a lot of conventions and I carry a lot of cards on me, the mini's made more sense for me. I do plan on ordering a small batch of the Luxe cards for the occasional person that I want to use them on. 

Let me say this...Moo doesn't mess around. Their website is intuitive and easy to use. The templates are completely amazing for all you non-designers out there and for those that want a completely custom card, well there's that too. What sold the deal for me was the ability to upload different art on the backs of every card. 

Remember that part where I said Moo doesn't mess around? I uploaded my card art, and finished the order and literally 14 hours later I get a notification on my iPhone saying Moo has shipped my order. To top it off they were delivered 4 days earlier from what I was told during checkout. "Mind Blown"

These mini cards are pretty rad, not only do I love the their small nature but they feel incredibly sexy too. They have a soft matte finish on them, the easiest way I could compare them too would be how similar they are to the packaging Apple uses for their products or like any of the deluxe remastered U2 packaging if any of you have any of those boxed sets. Premium stuff. The printing on the cards are razor sharp too. My details look perfectly intact and the colors absolutely POP!

I could go on and on but you owe it to yourself to check them out and have a look. Visit Moo here.




My piece for LTD Gallery's 2nd annual Star Wars Show "Who Shot First" 

Had to go with my favorite nerfherder in the galaxy – Han Solo

Scoundrel is 12" x 16" Gouache on Illustration Cold Press


May The Force Be With You.