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A Dark Hall Valentines

I was quite thrilled to see in my inbox an invitation to join forces with Dark Hall Mansion. They've release some of the hottest limited edition silkscreened licensed posters out there. And when they asked me to take a stab at Peanuts I knew there was no saying no. I grew up on Peanuts, how could I not?!

The parameters from Dark Hall were simple. Follow the format that has been done for them before with a big hero image along with a small secondary image that captires that moment in time from the episode, other than that just do your thing. It was important to be respectful of the current Dark Hall Peanuts Collector and create something that felt like and or was complimentary to some of the other pieces they may already have hanging on their walls. Many concepts were turned in that would of taken this print into another direction (and that was where our nice little variant came from), but it was important to stay within the formula (big hero image, smaller group story image) that has been structurally working for Dark Hall (à la Whalen & DePippo). Sounds easy enough but it's still quite the challenge. When you have a very limited palette to work with, characters that need to read instantly on model for licensing and then make it all work in your own style within a beautiful layout...it becomes quite the labor of love.

Avialable next week at Dark Hall Mansion

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