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Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong, my next show piece with Gallery 1988 Venice for the Old School Video Game Show!

I picked Kong because it literally was the first video game I ever played as a kid. Years before Nintendo, my dad bought me a Colecovision, you know the one with the paddles? At the time it was considered the generic Atari. Kong was the first game I ever received. So for me Donkey Kong is about as "old school" as I could ever get.

This show is going to be insane and overflowing with talent and this show will be especially fun because I'll be joined with a few of my fellow PLANET-PULP mates and Autumn Society Alumns. Joining me will be Tom WhalenScott Derby and Dave Perillo along with fellow Pulper Stan Chow

Join us September 16th
214 Pier Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

You can buy this print on the Gallery1988 website a day or two after the show starts providing they don't sell out, in which case I'll be selling the remaining artist proofs I have, just email me.

Donkey Kong:
16" x 20" Giclee print printed with archival inks on heavy stock watercolor paper.


Signed and individually numbered to a extremely limited edition size of 25. Act fast, when they're gone they're gone!

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I only remember playing Mario Bros before I played rpg games. I know the gap is pretty HUGE, I was just very busy with school, projects, activities, etc.

September 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHalley | Poster Prints

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